Helen Coley Nauts and Oliver R. Grace first established the Cancer Research Institute in 1953. The organization was the first dedicated exclusively to cancer treatment with immunology and has become the pride of New York City on the cutting edge of combatting cancer. Check out this timeline of the impact that Cancer Research Institute has made on fighting cancer here.

The Cancer Research Institute is on Charity Navigator with a score of 94.6/100 and takes great pride in the fact that 87 cents of every donated dollar goes directly to cancer research programs. Overhead costs remain low and more money is directed to finding a cure for all cancers. The fund has invested over $300 million to more than 3,000 scientists positioned all over the world.

Our bodies are incredibly powerful at fighting disease. Cancer immunotherapy capitalizes on the healing nature of our immune systems to combat cancer. Besides chemotherapy, immunotherapy is one of the more encouraging and favorable cancer treatments. Immunotherapy doesn’t discriminate and is a treatment for ALL cancer types. This fact makes immunotherapy an exciting option for curing cancer.

We have chosen Cancer Research Institute as one of our featured non-profit partners because we believe in the important work they are doing and want OAHU™ users to be aware of Immunotherapy treatment and how they can join the fight to cure cancer. The best part of Immunotherapy is that it may work on cancers that are chemotherapy-resistant, giving hope to thousands of cancer patients worldwide.

What can you do to fight cancer? Why not donate to the fund via our Giving section? Last year, $25 million was awarded and this year we hope to see that number go even higher. All donations are tax deductible and will make a great impact on cancer research. Together we can make a difference in fighting cancer.