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Most people want purpose in their lives. Boomers, Gen Y, Millennials, Gen X, Seniors, Gen Z…we look for it everywhere. And with home and at work merging, we want to be able to make a difference with our careers. So imagine if we could harness that passion in both our employees and our customers?

Well that’s what we do at IMMINENT. We believe your employees are your first customers and it’s our mission to help them realize their full potential emotionally, physically, and professionally. We believe a purpose-driven approach driven by powerful technology is the best path to achieve our mission.

Happiness, productivity, volunteering, sharing… that’s why we feel IMMINENT offers a better way for companies to turn the workplace into a work community. Bringing people together and doing good while doing well. That’s what we believe in. That’s what drives us. That’s our cause.

In the world of employee engagement, the future is IMMINENT.

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  • Cause/NPO Partner Identification
  • CSR Campaign Management
  • Donation Crowdfunding
  • Donor-for-Doers
  • Donation Matching
  • Donation Tracking
  • Gamification
  • In-kind Giving


  • Bi-Directional Feedback
  • Diversity Programs
  • Proprietary Engagement Score
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Recognition
  • Secure Messaging
  • Volunteering Management


  • 1-Click Content Sharing
  • Content Management System
  • Employee Generated Content
  • Original Content - VR/AR/360°
  • Pre-roll Distribution
  • Video Streaming


  • Fitness Tracking & Game Mechanics
  • Health Plan Integration
  • Interactive Wellbeing
  • SOMEDAY™ Calendar
  • Vacation/Leave Management
  • Wellbeing Content Library