Make Work Irresistable

oahu is an all-in-one software system to improve company culture through purpose, positivity & productivity.

The Problem

want purpose interwoven
into their workplace.
America's workforce
is not engaged

The Result

Increase In Sick Days

(taken as a result)

Cost of Retraining

(due to high turnover rate)

Amount Lost

(due to lack of engagement)

Find out how much you’ll save

And if making your employees love you wasn’t enough, try our savings calculator to see how much an engaged workforce can help your bottom line.

Let's Do Some Math!

Absenteeism Rate


Turnover Rate
(Choose One Region)

Current Cost Due to Low Engagement


Cost of oahu = $

Annual Amount Saved Usingoahu


Our Solution is


We have a big idea...

…an operating system with everything you need in one place to get your employees more engaged. We believe workforce productivity begins with purpose.

So it is our mission to create technology and content that harnesses employees' passion for doing good while also providing them with resources they need to stay healthy. Finally, we want to support employees by providing them the information that they need as well as a social environment where they can be heard.

Because Happy employees = happy customers.
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Make more than just a living—make a difference. With access to over 8,000 different charities, you can donate funds and volunteer your time to the causes that you care about.

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Habitat (HR)

Work with confidence. Regardless of the size of your company, your employees deserve the best. Our Habitat portal give your employees the support, information and feed-back they need to succeed. HR help made easy.

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Build a corporate culture that your everyone can't help but talk about. Spread your message with your company's most effective tool—your employees' voices.

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Successful companies are built by healthy employees. From physical and mental fitness support to nutrition and sleep tracking, your organization has everything at its fingertips.

A version for everyone.

Corporate culture doesn’t end at the desktop.

Track and engage with each other through any device you choose. including tablets, smart phones, and even smart watches.

Working in the office just became irresistible.


Our Partners & Integrations

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  • Cause/NPO Partner Identification
  • CSR Campaign Management
  • Donation Crowdfunding
  • Donor-for-Doers
  • Donation Matching
  • Donation Tracking
  • Gamification
  • In-kind Giving


  • Bi-Directional Feedback
  • Diversity Programs
  • Proprietary Engagement Score
  • Pulse Surveys
  • Recognition
  • Secure Messaging
  • Volunteering Management


  • 1-Click Content Sharing
  • Content Management System
  • Employee Generated Content
  • Original Content - VR/AR/360°
  • Pre-roll Distribution
  • Video Streaming


  • Fitness Tracking & Game Mechanics
  • Health Plan Integration
  • Interactive Wellbeing
  • SOMEDAY™ Calendar
  • Vacation/Leave Management
  • Wellbeing Content Library